Anxiety? There’s an App for That.

When it comes to technology, I’m a strong believer that less is more. It is so easy with the current highly evolved technologies widely available as well as living in a Western society to become engulfed in screen-time. Once in a lunar eclipsed moon, I find an app or a piece of technology that helps to connect back with the self versus focusing energy outside of the body.

Pacifica is a free app designed to assist with lessening the physical causes of stress and anxiety through mindfulness. It utilizes five categories rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation and key wellness factors.

1. Mood – A thermometer for your feelings and general mood throughout the day. You can track improvements and take note of triggers over time like water intake or number of hours of sleep.

2. Relax – When you feel stressed, Pacifica offers three relaxation exercises: deep belly breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and positive visualization. You can even pick your soundscape like summer nights or rooftop rain.

3. Thoughts – When you feel overwhelmed and your mind is racing, this app can assist with bringing negative thought patterns into the forefront to develop more positive perspectives over time.

4. Experiments – If you’re feeling up for a challenge, this section provides ways to explore your health and get some forward-motion traction.

5. Health – A section to track your daily wellness factors like hours of sleep, time spent outdoors, minutes exercising and caffeine intake.

Why the awesome folks at Pacifica created the App:
“While there will always be a place for traditional therapy, barriers such as stigma, cost, and logistical considerations often get in the way of individuals getting the treatment they need”. Get the whole story from their about page.

True That.

Awareness and support for folks who wrestle with anxiety and stress is important work. Together, we move forward.

In a fast-paced world of conflicting values, I really like how Pacifica highlights that change happens over time. Depending on how much consciousness we have towards our health factors, we can expedite real change and balance in a lasting way. It allows you to be a detective for your own emotional and physical wellbeing on a non-judging and gentle path. As we stay strongly rooted in the present, we can look to the future.

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Loving the Foods Our Bodies’ Love

I love a good come back story.

Especially when the method is one that is healthy, forward thinking and real…by real I mean avoiding quick-fix gimmicks or compromising important aspects of life. It is even better when these stories are shared and the benefits can transfer to other people in relatable situations. If food is added into the equation (as it should, always!), you get great websites like Paleo With Love and encouraging postings like this one from Dawna Stone on MindBodyGreen.

So much of what we think, feel and do is driven or effected by the nutrients or fuel we put into our bodies. It only makes sense that food is at the center-point of any health goal. Sometimes this is easier said than done…that is where appetizing recipes can push interest into passion. This wild salmon recipe from Chef Ryan fits that bill – packed with Omega-3s, perfect for this dry season (and currently -11 degrees in Minnesota). The sweet potato mash looks hearty and filling yet light and still comforting. I’m looking forward to what will be breezing my dinner plate this evening.

It is my personal belief that every body needs or tolerates different foods in different ways – paleo, vegan, pesca-tarian, etc. – it’s about what works in your body regardless of what your classically trained yoga teacher tells you. There are just some universals like processed foods are not great, refined sugars should be limited or eliminated and vegetables are good…many bright minds debate on this topic but I feel strongly that we each have our own path (which can, of course, change with our bodies over time). Naturally the cleaner the ingredients, the better for you. Organic when possible, local is ideal, seasonally grown is superb.


Let’s All Go Have Breakfast by Teo Zirinis.