Travel: Does it Have a Pool?

As a child, my father and I would take road-trips from Minneapolis to Montana, where he grew up on a country ranch to visit friends and family. In preparation for these travels, he would announce the hotels with availability and I would in turn ask “does it have a pool?”. Every time.

The motel pool at the Best Western in Miles City was where my sensitive-self found sanctuary. Floating, fully supported by water and gravity, I would stare at the wood planked ceiling taking in the amber-rich stained pine for as long as the parental-powers that be would allow. Letting sound, movement and thoughts lighten and become faint. Sometimes counting the wooden planks on the ceiling, which brought added relaxation. Finally emerging onto the Springtime-green-grass colored astroturf renewed and balanced. Soothed and ready to hit the hay…or a day full of activities.


Sometimes travels have a pool and sometimes not. Over time, I’ve found ways of finding that nurturance at home or on the road through aromas and hydrotherapy. Wherever the path may lead, these are great things to have:

– BYOB…bring your own bath salt. A simple and easy way to make any tub into a mini-spa. Pre-mix dead sea salts or epsom salts with a paired aroma to a desired experience. Lavender for calming, balsam fir for warming and grounding, etc. There are many fantastic store-bought options as well, a little goes a long way with high quality. For sensitive folks, sometimes the salt with a little almond oil is perfectly soothing.

– Coconut Oil. Bring a small jar with you for versatility – on the body post-bath for sealing in hydration, as a facial cleanser and make-up remover, internal supplement to give your brain and cells a boost or for oral pulling in place of mouthwash. Coconut oil brings a tropical feel anywhere.

– Eye pillow. Give your eyes a break while you soak for sensory system relief. If you have one, grab an eye pillow for the toiletry bag or use a small folded washcloth. Just breathe – equal and steady inhales and exhales.

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Sleep Better – Winter Remedies.

Sleep can be hard in winter. So many factors – lack of vitamin D and sunlight, harsh temperatures with wind, stress from cabin fever and prepping for taxes to name a few. Depending on where you live, access to outdoor farmer’s markets and many trails or outdoor destinations to nourish our minds and bodies may be limited.

The math here looks to have a pattern…more discomfort means less quality sleep. Less quality sleep leads to more discomfort.

A few holistic home remedies have truly helped with calming the nervous system to get better rest have become a nightly ritual for me.

  • Soak – find a restorative bath salt mix with balsam fir or ho wood. These earthy aromatics will ground you from a busy day. Nell’s remedies Champion Soak is a gem.
  • Self Massage – gently rub the bottoms of the feet before bedtime. There are so many nerve ending in the feet, this activates the parasympathetic nervous system to provide a calming feeling all over the body.
  • Soothing Tea – brew a chamomile or lemon balm mix to sip while you read or unwind.
  • Lavender Oil – rub a few drops in the palms then fluff your pillows for soothing aromatherapy.

There is nothing like a nurturing evening and good night’s rest to break out of the winter blues. The common theme seems to be ground, ground, ground before turning in for the night. Bringing airy Vata energy back to earth to recycle after thinking and planning and performing tasks all day. Get ready to  take on a new day in the morning with a perspective that feels solid in your shoes.

Cold Season Kickers


It seems that the winter bugs have begun to spread early this year in the colder regions of the country…gross, I know, but true. So many folks I’ve spoken with know someone who is experiencing one ailment or another of the season – myself included. Which puts a little drag on my healing initiative but is also a good reminder to take time when it is needed to pamper and relax.

I’ve found a couple of amazing and holistic remedies/helpers to keep on hand. Of course this is in addition to the normal drink lots of water and rest-up instructions.

As a side note, personally I find it increasingly beneficial to avoid common allergens during a cold like wheat, soy and dairy.

Ayurvedic Tips from Kripalu

Immunity Help: 8+ Natural Anti-Biotics & Organic Echinacea Goldenseal

Comfort Food (Gluten Free): Lemony Chicken Quinoa Soup 

For additional herbal supplement information for specific needs, I’ve found local co-ops and an acupuncturist quite helpful.

Stay warm, positive and well!